Seven Steps to Faster Analytics Processing with Open Source

Realizing Business Value from the Hadoop Ecosystem

Open source projects are spawning many key innovations. One of the most notable—the Hadoop ecosystem—is maturing, helping organizations support faster, more powerful, and more flexible analytics. The TDWI Checklist Report will assist with:

  • Outlining the success factors for projects in business intelligence, data warehousing, or a related data management discipline
  • Identifying goals and areas of improvement for current projects
  • A checklist with 7 key considerations to help you develop a strategy for harnessing open source-based, including:

1. Taking analytics to the next level

2. Overcoming limitations of slow, hard-to-develop batch processing

3. Gaining business value from open source stream processing and
    stream analytics

4. Choosing the right strategy for supporting interactive access to
    Hadoop data

5. Evaluating technologies for improving data integration and
    preparation for big data analytics

6. Accelerating the business impact of processing and analytics

7. Balancing the value of unified architecture with the benefit of
    best-of-breed technologies

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