Joint Talend and Hortonworks webinar: Exploring Click Stream Data!

Wednesday, 17 July at 10:30am BST (11:30 am CEST) - duration approx. 45 Mins

Challenged to provide a Big Data real life business need and application? 
Is your marketing team demanding to have the ability to view their click stream data to capture and analyse their website visitor's data trails in order to make informed decisions on their customer's online journeys? 

Big Data leaving you a little confused and looking for a straightforward way to get started? 
By combining the power of the new Talend V5.3 with the Hortonworks Apache Hadoop Data Platform, suddenly all of these questions have a simple solution. 

In this session, the team will provide an update to in the new Talend v5.3 that generates native Hadoop code and runs data transformations directly inside Hadoop for maximum scalability.
By leveraging MapReduce’s architecture for highly distributed data processing, data integration developers can build their jobs on Hadoop – without the need for specialist programming skills.

Not only does Talend’s highly intuitive and user-friendly development environment dramatically shorten the learning curve, it also provides reassurance to both developers and IT management that integration processes will be 100% compliant with Hadoop and will fully leverage big data resources.

Register here NOW! and join us on the 17th July where experts from both Talend and Hortonworks will share with you:  

Introduction to Talend Studio
Developer tooling for common Hadoop Data Types specifically reviewing Click Stream Data
Common Data Integration Services

Live Webinar