Consumer vs. IT Customer Experience Survey

New international consumer and IT business survey uncovers a startling gap between the services companies believe they are delivering vs. what consumers experience.

  • 88% of IT leaders believe their organization understands its customers, while only 61% of consumers feel companies fully grasp their needs

This questions the effectiveness of current customer-360 initiatives, and their ability to inspire brand loyalty and grow bottom line. Despite the wealth of data available about customer behavior and purchasing choices, companies have a long way to go in terms of effectively using this data to deliver top notch, personalized experiences.

The Talend survey, conducted Researchscape, also found:

  • 63% of IT respondents indicated that using data to better understand customers is a top business priority for 2017
  • 57% of respondents listed “having a negative review unaddressed” as the top reason they would ‘break up’ with a brand

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