Talend Data Masters Awards

We are excited to launch the third edition of Talend Data Masters Awards! Have you improved your businesses and/or business processes by using Talend solutions in innovative and impressive ways? If so, enter the Talend Data Masters Awards.

Talend Data Masters Awards celebrate extreme innovation in organizations and the dramatic transformation of businesses into data-driven enterprises. The award winners will not only get widespread recognition as an innovator in their field, but also receive a recognition plaque and a $1500 donation in their name will be made to a worthy charity.

You will have to submit your story online using free text boxes. See below the four questions you should be prepared to answer. 

We are accepting entries until August, 11 2017. Hurry and send your entries now! Click here to find out more.

  • Summary: Please summarize this submission in five sentences or using bullets.
  • Challenges: Outline the challenges or problem you or the company faced. Describe the pain experienced and the impact it was having on the organization.
  • Solution: Walk through how you solved the problem. Describe in detail the steps taken, the project, and/or the initiative. Include how it impacted you and/or the company.
  • Results: Detail the specific results, in quantitative and qualitative forms. Share how the company or individual experienced more sales, less costs, and more productivity for example. Provide quotes where possible from executives within the company. Feel free to illustrate both the technical and emotional benefits you or the organization realized. For example: internal awards, better team alignment, increased efficiency.  


Winners will be selected by Talend leadership team. They will select winners from entry forms and, if needed, follow-up interviews. They will score entries on the following criteria:

  • Creativity and uniqueness of use
  • Scope and complexity of project
  • Business transformation and improvement


  • We are accepting entries until August, 11 2017. Hurry and send your entries now!
  • Winners will be notified in September.
  • Winners will be announced in October.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Award winners should be willing to have their story shared publicly on Talend web site (company logo, video and case study) and promoted on social media and in press announcements.

Please contact Martine Vesco for any questions regarding the awards.

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