Deliver Data You Can Trust Webinar Series

Discover how to deliver trusted data in our webinar series. 

Watch data quality expert David Talaga to find out how to maximise the value and usage of your data assets. From discovery to automation, you'll learn the 3 steps to delivering trusted data to your organisation. Each session contains a demo and supporting use cases.

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Discover & Cleanse

Expore how to apply data discovery to each of your data sources, highlight data quality issues using various facets  of data profiling, and delegate cleansing with the help of the Talend Cloud Platform.

Organise & Empower 
Discover how to create a single source of trust using Talend Data Catalog, encourage people with data curation, and orchestrate stewardship with the power of the cloud.
Automate & Enable 
Learn how to implement machine learning for remediation, enable everyone with cloud apps, and publish trusted data with API services.


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