A Single Suite of Apps for Data Integration and Integrity

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Data-driven strategies are now a competitive imperative to succeed in every business and industry. To support business objectives such as revenue growth, profitability, and customer satisfaction, organizations are increasingly reliant on data to make decisions.

Talend Data Fabric solves some of the most complex aspects of the data value chain from end to end. Users can collect data across systems, govern it to ensure proper use, transform it into new formats, and improve quality, and share it with internal and external stakeholders – all in a collaborative, multi-cloud data integration environment.

  • A unified environment that provides access to all Talend capabilities
  • Native code generation for better performance
  • Self-service data access with governance for increased productivity
  • Pervasive data quality for more confidence and less risk

Only Talend Data Fabric delivers trusted data at speed, providing you with a complete solution for all your data needs.

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